Configuring the API


The API can be setup for your company using "organisations", and you can attach "organisations" lower in the hierarchy that can function as subsidiaries - such as having a European HQ, with sub-organisations representing operations in France, the UK and Belgium. The API allows for an unlimited hierarchy, starting at the headquarters level and going down as far as a single department of a sub-organisation, or even further, depending on the level of distinction you’re aiming for for processing online transactions.

Payment profiles

A payment profile is a way of accounting for different incoming payment flows. You can set payment profiles depending on region, or the type of payments you want to receive (direct or subscription billing).

A single organisation can use multiple payment profiles to distinguish incoming payments. A single payment profile is limited to a currency, and to a collection of processors. In practice, this means a single payment profile can process one currency and process using multiple processors as long as those are unique.