Going into production

Step 1. Get a production account

Once you're done integrating with the PaymixVia API you can request a production account. You'll receive an email to set a password for this account.

We highly recommend using Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for your production account. Once you're logged in you can find the 2FA configuration under settings > personal settings > your profile.

Step 2. Change your integration parameters

While integration you used different parameters to connect to the PaymixVia API. The production variant of these can be found under Developers > API Key.

You probably used the three different parameters:

  • API Key
  • Organisation Id
  • Payment profile Id

Step 3. Change the API URL

Change the API URL to the production URL:

Sandbox https://sandbox.paymixvia.com/v1/
Production https://api.paymixvia.com/v1/

Step 4. Test your production integration

Make sure that everything works:

  • Make some small test payments
  • If you have multiple payment profiles, currencies or organisations, test them all to make sure that the payments are routing correctly
  • Test the webhooks, make sure they work, both from a test and live payment point of view

Step 5. Go live!

When you're happy, put your new checkout live and start using the PaymixVia platform for your payments!