Our settlement reports include the details of payments that have been settled and paid out to you in one batch. You can use this report to see the costs of each transaction and perform reconciliation on a transaction level.


# Column Description
1 settlement_id Settlement report ID
2 organisation_id Organisation ID
3 organisation_name Name of the organisation
4 payment_profile_id Payment profile ID
5 payment_profile_name Name of the payment profile
6 category The journal category of the row
7 id ID of the original transaction/refund/chargeback
8 date Date indicating when the line-item was created
9 time Line-item created time
10 time_offset The difference in minutes with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
11 time_zone Time zone of the date and time columns
12 gross_currency Three character ISO code for the currency which was used for processing
13 gross_debit Amount submitted in the transaction request
14 gross_credit Amount submitted in the refund/chargeback request
15 exchange_rate Exchange rate used for converting the gross amount into the net amount.
Will be 1.00 if you process and settle in the same currency
16 net_currency Three character ISO code for the currency which was used for settlement
17 net_debit Net amount debited from the payout. For example, for a refund, this is the amount sent as part of the refund request plus any additional costs withheld
18 net_credit Amount submitted in the transaction request minus transaction costs and fees
19 fees Total sum of fees.
For interchange transactions the fees will be split into:
  • markup
  • scheme_fees
  • interchange
In this case, the fees column (19) is empty and columns 20, 21, and 22 are populated
20 markup Total sum of markup. Only populated for interchange transactions
21 scheme_fees Scheme fees charged by Visa / MC. Only populated for interchange transactions
22 interchange Fees charged by the issuing bank. Only populated for interchange transactions
23 rolling_reserve Total sum of rolling reserve
24 transaction_id Transaction information. ID of the transaction connected to this line-item
25 dynamic_descriptor Transaction information. Dynamic descriptor of the transaction connected to this line-item
26 merchant_reference Transaction information. Merchant reference of the transaction connected to this line-item
27 payment_product Transaction information. Payment product of the transaction connected to this line-item
28 payment_product_type Transaction information. Payment product type of the transaction connected to this line-item
29 payment_product_issuer Transaction information. Payment product issuer of the transaction connected to this line-item
30 terminal_id Terminal ID
31 terminal_name Name of the terminal
32 processor_id_external ID of the processor (external)
33 reserved1 Reserved for future enhancements
34 reserved2 Reserved for future enhancements
35 reserved3 Reserved for future enhancements
36 reserved4 Reserved for future enhancements
37 reserved5 Reserved for future enhancements
38 reserved6 Reserved for future enhancements
39 reserved7 Reserved for future enhancements
40 reserved8 Reserved for future enhancements
41 reserved9 Reserved for future enhancements
42 reserved10 Reserved for future enhancements

Journal Categories

The journal categories listed below correspond to the category field in the report columns above.

Category Description
transaction Credit for a transaction
refund Debit for an earlier transaction
chargeback Debit for a transaction that is reversed by the bank/scheme/consumer
reserve_release Rolling reserve funds being released
balance_transfer Balance transfer to or from subsequent settlement reports in order to process negative balances or for settlements that could not have been paid out
fee_setup Initial setup fee charged after merchant configuration
fee_annual Annual fee
fee_monthly Monthly fee
fee_wire_transfer Wire transfer fee
fee_monthly_minimum Difference between the minimum monthly processing fee and the paid fees in the last month
fee_transaction Fees for other transactions (that have not been settled)
one_off Manual booking/adjustment by PaymixVia
payment Sum of amount paid out to the merchant